Job description

  • Full-time paid internship for 12 weeks, $16/hour (expected start date: May 17, 2021).
  • Creating content that connects our sustainable advanced material solutions with relevant industries, specifically: transportation, geothermal, and construction.
  • Video production, including script writing/storyboarding, filming, and editing.
  • Social media management and content creation (LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube).
  • Blog writing.
  • Analysis and report contribution.


  • Experience with creating and editing videos.
  • Experience creating content for and managing social media accounts.
  • Graphic design skills (experience with Adobe CC preferred).
  • A good storyteller.
  • Ability to understand and execute creative briefs.
  • Ability to follow brand and style guidelines.
  • Analytics and reporting experience (Google Analytics and platform-specific analytics)
  • Understanding the importance of communications strategy in producing consistent and effective content.
  • Ability to work independently.
  • Digital marketing experience a bonus.
  • Must have own computer/laptop with system requirements to run Adobe Premiere Pro (

Working arrangements

  • You can work in the office (we currently have 3 staff members in our main office) if you feel comfortable doing so.
  • You can also work remotely, although you will need to visit the office to take photos/videos.

Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) Clean Energy Internship Program

  • This internship is being offered by Multiscale Systems as part of the MassCEC Clean Energy Internship Program.
  • In order to be offered the position, applicants must also apply to and be approved for the MassCEC Clean Energy Internship Program:
  • Feel free to apply to the MassCEC program at the same time you apply for this position.
  • Note: For this role, students must attend, or have recently graduated within the past year from, a Massachusetts community college, or they must be a Massachusetts resident, with proof of residency, who attended an out-of-state community college. Students pursuing a master’s degree are eligible for this program, though Ph.D. candidates are not.

About Multiscale Systems

  • Multiscale Systems is an advanced materials company that designs and manufactures mechanical metamaterials. Taking inspiration from origami, our metamaterials are defined by their unique geometry and are lighter, stronger, and higher performing than conventional materials.
  • We’re working with NASA, the Department of Energy, the Department of Defense, and more on developing new materials.

How to apply

  1. Send a cover letter and resume to Include the name of the position in the email subject line.
  2. Include links to your portfolio and/or social media accounts that show examples of content you’ve created.
  3. Apply to the MassCEC Clean Energy Internship Program.

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Content Creator Intern (Paid)

We're looking for a video and social media creator to join our team this summer for a paid MassCEC Clean Energy Internship.