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Our story

Multiscale Systems was created because wanted to make better materials.

Built on the PhD and post-doc research of founders Jesse Silverberg and Art Evans, Multiscale Systems has grown from a garage start-up to a million dollar firm in just a couple of years. They wanted to see their research on mechanical metamaterials progress beyond academic papers and into real-world applications. This motivation was enhanced by an apparent absence in the technical expertise required for the technology to be advanced by existing materials science/engineering firms, which are generally more focused on developing new chemical and molecular structures.

Funding and support come from a range of organizations, including NASA, the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, accelerators, and industry partners.

With headquarters in Worcester, MA we will support our community through economic growth, job creation, and community partnerships.

Fast Facts

Established 2018
Headquarters Worcester, MA
Founders Jesse Silverberg & Art Evans
Employees 5
R&D Investment $1.5+ million
Expertise Design and manufacture of mechanical metamaterials
Products MetaCORE™ , MetaCORE-LD™ , MetaTHERM

What we do

We’re an advanced materials firm that designs and manufactures mechanical metamaterials. Metamaterials are created by combining origami-inspired geometric patterns with traditional materials making them lighter, stronger, and more multifunctional than conventional materials alone.

Metamaterials are a new breed of materials, created without the need for costly molecular or chemical development. Mechanical metamaterials are also agnostic to the material itself; the advanced patterns and their corresponding characteristics can be applied to a range of materials, such as plastics, metals, and composites.

The potential application of mechanical metamaterials is massive, from aerospace to semi-trailer manufacturing. Because our solutions allow for more than one optimization to be applied, solutions can be optimized for multiple priorities such as weight reduction, thermal expansion, energy absorption, aeroelasticity, insulation, conductivity, and much more.

For more information, contact info@multiscalesystems.com.

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Our logo takes inspiration from the Miura pattern found in origami, which we use in our designs for MetaCORE.

Multiscale Systems logo
Multiscale Systems logo