We make customizable advanced materials

Our geometrically-enhanced mechanical metamaterials are lighter, stronger, and higher performing than conventional materials.

Mechanical Metamaterials

Advanced materials without chemistry

Instead of creating new materials through costly chemical or molecular engineering, our approach is smarter. The geometric patterning of mechanical metamaterials unlocks new potential from common base materials, and our customers avoid the trade-offs associated with conventional material selection.

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mechanical metamaterial concept of metatherm
mechanical metamaterial concept of metatherm


Flexible Manufacturing

Our design process accommodates a variety of manufacturing methods, ranging from small- to large-run production including:

  • Thermal/vacuum forming
  • Injection molding
  • 3D printing
  • Metal stamping
  • Roll-to-roll pattern transfer
  • CNC milling

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Metamaterial Selector

Our interactive data visualization tool will help you narrow down your choice of metamaterial.

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Bespoke solutions

Want to work with us? We’re accepting Request for Proposals for Front-End Engineering and Design activity. Check out our Metamaterial Selector tool or contact us today to schedule an initial meeting.

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