Name Category Description Document
MetaCORE Datasheet Technical datasheet for MetaCORE Download (PDF)
MetaCORE-LD Datasheet Technical datasheet for MetaCORE-LD Download (PDF)


Name Category Description Document
Advanced Metamaterials Brochure Introduction to metamaterials with more detailed technical information about MetaCORE and MetaCORE-LD Download (PDF)
Projectile Motion: Achieving Long Distance Aerial Delivery White Paper Comparing today’s airdrop impact-mitigating solution, cardboard honeycomb, to Multiscale Systems’ superior energy absorber, MetaCORE.

Read the Executive Summary and watch the Summary Video.

Download (PDF)
Multiscale Systems Explainer A 1-pager explaining our mechanical metamaterial technology, advantages and benefits for customers, with a description of our design and manufacturing process. Download (PDF)
MetaCORE-LD: Compared to Solid, Foam, and Honeycomb Cores Explainer A 1-pager demonstrating the characteristics and benefits of MetaCORE-LD as a core material compared to solids, foams, and honeycomb, as well as potential applications. Download (PDF)
Energy Absorption Explainer This document explains why MetaCORE is a good energy absorber, compares it to honeycomb and foams, and includes a case study Download (PDF)
Making Mechanical Metamaterials Infographic An infographic on the creation process – from idea to product. Download (PDF)
Download (Image)


Basic research is at the core of our technology, and the following publications laid the foundation for where we are today.  Please contacts us if you have any questions.

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