As a matter of policy, Multiscale Systems, Inc. (“Company”) seeks to meet or exceed all relevant legal requirements and applicable regulations. We further recognize that adherence to legal code does not necessarily imply ethical behavior. The purpose of this text is to articulate our business ethics, which are adopted from the Ethical Principles put forward by Levi Strauss & Co. We adopt their framework, presented below, because we understand that wisdom is accumulated from experience.


We will not say things that are false. We will never deliberately mislead. We will be as candid as possible, openly and freely sharing information, as appropriate to the relationship.


We will go to great lengths to keep our commitments. We will not make promises that can’t be kept and we will not make promises on behalf of the Company unless we have the authority to do so.


We will create and follow a process and achieve outcomes that a reasonable person would call just, evenhanded, and non-arbitrary.

Respect for Others

We will be open and direct in our communication, and receptive to influence. We will honor and value the abilities and contributions of others, embracing the responsibility and accountability for our actions in this regard.


We will maintain an awareness of the needs of others and act to meet those needs whenever possible. We will also minimize harm whenever possible. We will act in ways that are consistent with our commitment to social responsibility.


We will live up to Multiscale Systems’ ethical principles, even when confronted by personal, professional and social risks, as well as economic pressures.