mechanical metamaterial metacore-ld render with abstract colorful background

The ideal lightweighting panel material

MetaCORE-LD is MetaCORE engineered into a sandwich panel. This composite structure offers substantial weight reduction with a maximum bonding surface area. As a result, delamination of panels from the core material is a problem of the past.

Just like MetaCORE, MetaCORE-LD offers exceptional support to loads in the normal direction. Unlike other products, MetaCORE-LD goes further by providing unprecedented in-plane loading support. This means MetaCORE-LD panels can be manufactured with greater weight-bearing capacity and lower failures rates.

The thermal conductivity of MetaCORE-LD is also exceptionally low due to the amount of hollow internal space. Values of 25 mW/m-K are typical, and lower values are feasible for bespoke applications.

Between the low density, suppressed failure modes, and thermal insulating properties, MetaCORE-LD is an ideal paneling product.

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MetaCORE-LD characteristics and advantages

Base MetaCORE-LD offers a number of advantages out of the box and can be customized with additional characteristics as required.

Characteristic Advantage
Low Mass Density (Lightweight) Reduces total vehicle weight
High Strength Mitigates catastrophic failure
Low Thermal Conductivity Better temperature control
Pro-Isotropy Multi-directional performance
Corrosion Resistance Increased durability
Cost Savings Widely available raw materials
Customer-Preferred Manufacturing Methods On-demand customization